About Raymond James

About us

Raymond James is a rapidly growing wealth management firm supporting wealth managers and personal investors with complex financial needs. In all areas of our business, we believe if we do what’s right for clients, we’ll help them achieve success while also realising our own.

Our Culture

People-driven. We’re in the business of helping people achieve their dreams, support their families, grow their businesses and improve their communities. That’s true for clients, as well as our wealth managers and associates.

Values-based. Our culture is rooted in the values that were part of the foundation of the firm and have continued throughout our almost six-decade history. They are both characteristics that define Raymond James as a company and the shared attitudes of the people who make up the firm.

Future-focused. Complacency is the enemy of long-term success. As our business changes, as technology changes how we communicate, as people and their expectations change, we are committed to evolving our services, innovating our approach and growing our business while staying true to the core of who we are.

Who we are

Raymond James Investment Services Limited has operated in the UK since 2001; we provide unique wealth management solutions for wealth managers and their clients. Our parent company, Raymond James Financial, Inc. has been doing the same in the US for nearly six decades.

Raymond James services and supports investment managers and investment focused financial planners in the UK, who run growth-oriented practices with a strong management and compliance culture. These wealth managers service high net worth investors with complex financial needs and in some cases, also service mandates for institutional clients like charities and pension funds. As part of the core Private Client Group of Raymond James Financial, Inc., we are part of a well-established, profitable and diversified financial services firm.

All stats as at 30 June 2022

Our growth in the UK

Since commencing operations in the UK in 2001, Raymond James Investment Services has been doubling its assets under management every 3 to 4 years, attracting a number of wealth managers who have either started their own investment management service making use of the sound support structure we offer, including compliance and regulatory oversight, back office functions, and marketing.

All stats as at 30 June 2022

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