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Intermediaries looking for a Discretionery Manager

Raymond James Kendal is one step ahead of the debate surrounding the FCA’s guidelines for ‘off-the-shelf discretionary fund management solutions’. We already have the agreements and processes in place to support professional intermediaries introducing business to our discretionary investment managers.

These professional intermediaries, such as financial advisers, accountants or solicitors, are an important source of client referrals for Raymond James Kendal. We have developed reporting tools, client documentation and payment processing procedures to assist with these introducer relationships and to help the intermediaries stay informed about the status of their clients’ portfolios.


Introducer agreement & introducer terms of business

The Introducer Agreement, in conjunction with the Introducer Terms of Business, form the contract between the professional intermediary and Raymond James. This contract clarifies the services each party provides as well as roles and responsibilities, and also confirms procedures for facilitating payments that have been agreed between intermediaries and their clients.


Initial adviser charge

Subject to instruction by the client, intermediaries may receive a percentage of a client’s initial investment, which will be agreed on a case by case basis. The Raymond James discretionary investment manager will determine when the initial investment has been received and will instruct Raymond James to debit the account.

On-going adviser charge

Subject to instruction by the client, Raymond James can facilitate the ongoing adviser charge, calculated as a percentage of the client’s discretionary portfolio. A remittance statement is produced and posted to the intermediary whenever monies are due to be paid, which includes a breakdown of the payment on client level.

Reporting Tools

Data Export

Data Download to Avelo Adviser Office, Prestwood, Intelliflo and Plum.

Raymond James provides a data integration capability to Avelo Adviser Office, Prestwood, Intelliflo and Plum, which allows intermediaries using these back office systems the ability to view relevant client accounts. The data download consists of holdings and cash balances.

Investor Access

Intermediaries can also view their clients’ accounts on Investor Access, our secure on-line reporting tool. The system enables intermediaries to view clients’ holdings, valued at the previous day’s closing price, detailed at both the account level and the consolidated total as well as transaction information for the last two years, including any cash transactions such as buys and sells, cash dividends and cash transfers.


What matters to you

Our Head Office asked investor clients to rate the most important elements of the service they receive from their Raymond James Wealth Manager. Results show that of the top three things that matter the most to clients, 99% of respondents are satisfied that their wealth manager delivers on each quality.

& Trust

99% Client Satisfaction

Investment Knowledge

99% Client Satisfaction

Security Of Investments

99% Client Satisfaction

Investment Performance

96% Client Satisfaction

Clear Communication

98% Client Satisfaction

Survey was conducted across Raymond James Wealth Manager branches across the UK.

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