Investment Principles

Defined, Achievable Objectives

Clear and well-defined objectives are essential when creating and implementing an investment strategy. Successful investing begins by setting realistic investment objectives. Your wealth manager will work with you to set these objectives and regularly monitor and review your investments to ensure your bespoke strategy is meeting your needs.

Keep It Personal

Your investments should match your objectives, tax position, beliefs and risk profile. Your wealth manager will provide you with a personal, bespoke service and investment strategy. A carefully selected strategy is dynamic and could change, as your circumstances and objectives change. Your wealth manager will ensure investment strategy and individual investment are always current based on you circumstances.


This is a critical component to ensure your investments are suitably diversified, so you are not over-exposed to any given asset type, country, sector or individual investment. By spreading investments across different asset classes, your investment strategy has a better opportunity to produce positive returns over time, whilst reducing vulnerability to any single area or under-performing stock. By diversifying, you will not get the returns that come from speculating on an individual stock, but you will get a strategy that you can depend on that gives consistent investment returns whilst minimising the risk of loss.

Long-Term Strategy

Investing should always be considered a long-term strategy, anything shorter than 5 years should not be invested. Although asset allocation is one of the foundations of achieving your objectives, it only works if you stick to it over time and through varying market environments. It is likely that there will be periods of under-performance, financial shocks and major global events that impact your investment strategy. Your wealth manager should help see you through short-term volatility and focus on achieving your long-term objectives.

Tax Efficient

Investing in a tax-efficient manner can really boost the overall returns from investments. Your wealth manager will take advantage of investment ‘tax wrappers’, such as Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs), to enhance the returns you receive versus standard investment options.


Discipline is essential for long-term investing. It is easy to make short-term decisions to get short-term wins, but this may to the detriment of long-term objectives. Discipline and perspective can help remain committed to long-term investment strategy through periods of market uncertainty. Through a combination of technology and expert oversight, we actively monitor investment portfolios and re-balance to stop excess position building up and to maintain the strategy in-line with the original approach.

What matters to you

Our Head Office asked investor clients to rate the most important elements of the service they receive from their Raymond James Wealth Manager. Results show that of the top three things that matter the most to clients, 99% of respondents are satisfied that their wealth manager delivers on each quality.

& Trust

99% Client Satisfaction

Investment Knowledge

99% Client Satisfaction

Security Of Investments

99% Client Satisfaction

Investment Performance

96% Client Satisfaction

Clear Communication

98% Client Satisfaction

Survey was conducted across Raymond James Wealth Manager branches across the UK

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