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Discretionary Fund Management

Every client is different and at Raymond James Kendal we take the opportunity to get to know you and understand your individual needs before creating a bespoke investment strategy as unique and personal as you.


Selecting investments with an impartial view is especially important. Wealth managers have the ability to select investments, backed by market leading research, and make choices on an unbiased basis. This enables them to create the right investment solution for their clients.


The key to delivering a first-class wealth management service lies with identifying a client’s needs and delivering a tailor-made investment solution. As every client is an individual, a one size fits all approach is rarely in a client’s best interests.


It is important that clients feel as though they are receiving a personal touch when interacting with their wealth manager. This is something we pride ourselves on and something we will go that extra mile in order to provide.

Products & Services

Raymond James Kendal believes that choice is crucial in wealth management. Your investment strategies should evolve along with your needs and your lifestyle – and a change in strategy may require alterations to your portfolio.

By offering wealth managers access to a comprehensive selection of products and tools, in addition to robust compliance and supervision services where appropriate, we enable them to meet your individual investment needs. We do not centrally manufacture and promote any proprietary investment products in the UK. Rather, we offer unprecedented access to a broad range of assets and tax wrappers so wealth managers can select the investments right for you on an unbiased basis.

Raymond James Kendal seeks to be the first choice for wealth managers and investors by exhibiting superior standards of quality and service, transparent pricing and comprehensive choice.

We offer access to a wide range of investments, including:

  • Equities, Bonds, Investment Trusts and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) traded on all major markets. It is important to note that Raymond James is an LSE member firm with direct market access
  • RDR share classes and/or institutional share classes of funds. Until all retail share classes are converted, we will hold legacy retail funds
  • Hedge Funds, Property Funds, Commodity Funds, Private Equity Funds and Structured Products

Raymond James also provides access to a wide range of tax wrappers:

  • ISAs, with Raymond James as the ISA manager
  • Pension wrappers, offered by 30+ pension administrators, including SIPPs and SSASs as well as solutions that allow for protected rights and Section 32 assets to be managed by the wealth manager
  • A range of offshore portfolio bond wrappers

In Addition Raymond James Provides

Tax Reporting – Annual Consolidated Tax Vouchers reporting any income you have received during the tax year, and Capital Gains Tax Annual Reports, reporting any capital gains and losses.

Investor Account Protection – Financially sound primary custodian who holds your investments in accordance with the FCA’s Client Asset Rules.

Investor Access™ – View your portfolio online including holdings and transaction information.*

Investment Reporting – Valuation reports and custody statements.

Research – Wealth managers have access to research written by Raymond James & Associates Chief Investment Strategist and Chief Economist, as well as equity research on US, Canadian and European stocks written by the Raymond James family of companies within the local markets. We also provide access to global equity and economic research written by three external investment banks, as well as access to leading fund selection tools.

*price relating data is updated once every day; typically at 9am

RAYMOND JAMES is a registered trademark of Raymond James Financial, Inc

Image from QuoteInspector.com

Image from QuoteInspector.com.

What matters to you

Our Head Office asked investor clients to rate the most important elements of the service they receive from their Raymond James Wealth Manager. Results show that of the top three things that matter the most to clients, 99% of respondents are satisfied that their wealth manager delivers on each quality.

& Trust

99% Client Satisfaction

Investment Knowledge

99% Client Satisfaction

Security Of Investments

99% Client Satisfaction

Investment Performance

96% Client Satisfaction

Clear Communication

98% Client Satisfaction

Survey was conducted across Raymond James Wealth Manager branches across the UK.

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