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April 2023   The latest edition of Investment Strategy Quarterly is available to download. Featured in this issue: Letter from the Chief Investment Officer Can the UK escape the economic slow lane? Labour force participation: Where did the workers go? Debt ceiling primer Everything everywhere all at once; Banking turmoil and its aftereffects Inheritance Tax planning   DOWNLOAD PDF

A wall won’t stop her:

How swimming prepared Ava Ceric for a career in finance   “In long-distance competitive swimming, turning directions every 25 yards is the ultimate determiner of who wins the race. The swimming wall can be your asset or liability, depending on how you let it change your momentum,” adviser Ava Ceric said. And she should know. She’s a decorated competitive swimmer who has spent thousands of hours in the pool – fine-tuning her elbow and foot placement, practicing spatial awareness and flipping until nausea set in. But there was one tweak that led to the mantle full of swimming trophies: “When I actually leaned into the concrete wall and used it as my launching platform – essentially repurposing the wall into momentum – it made all the difference.” She’s done the same with her career. Learned to pivot – and turn …

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Stay focused on the long game

Key Takeaways Winners don’t always stay on top Having a balanced offence and defence is key Stay focused on the long game This year’s men’s basketball tournament is one for the history books! Aside from the usual bracket busters and Cinderella stories that accompany college hoops in any given year, 2023 marks the first time since 1979 that a top three seed did not advance to the semifinals. In fact, there have only been three other times (2011, 2006 and 1980) in the last 44 years that a number one seed is not playing in the semifinals. While selecting a number one seed (the most winning team) in your bracket may tilt the odds in your favour, it is no guarantee of success. Upsets can and do happen. Lower seeded teams can go on spectacular runs. That’s all part of the …

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Aspire Spring 2023

Thinking holistically, helping collectively   “If you can see it, you can be it.” That’s why Jenny Johnson, president and CEO of Franklin Templeton, believes a purpose-driven approach coupled with visible role models are essential in ensuring the future of finance doesn’t look like the past for women. We all bear a responsibility to help the next generation succeed. Having held leadership roles in all major divisions at Franklin Templeton before becoming CEO in early 2020, as well as being named to Barron’s list of the 100 Most Influential Women in U.S. Finance, Jenny Johnson is a clear embodiment of women’s progress and industry change. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has long been a part of Franklin Templeton’s growth story as a global investment management organisation, and that, according to Jenny, is because thinking more holistically and with diverse perspectives …

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How will recent news impact interest rates’ trajectory?

Fed still likely to raise rates next week Slowdown in housing inflation should ease price pressures Broader contagion fears should be limited College basketball’s tournament kicked into high gear this week as teams strive to make their way to the early-April championship game. The next few weeks will likely bring a fair share of twists and turns, some unforeseen match ups and a few upsets on the road to the championship. Even with the best handicappers, the future is always difficult to predict. In many respects, there are some surprising parallels between the college basketball tournament and the financial markets. Over the last few weeks, the market has endured a number of twists and turns in the economic narrative (i.e., rotating between ‘soft,’ ‘no’ and ‘hard’ landing), dealt with three unforeseen bank failures and is now confronted with the potential …

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Learned habits of self-discipline & time management

By Helena Bakunowicz   Since founding The Investment Boutique five years ago in Oxted, Surrey, Helena Bakunowicz has spent a carefully apportioned amount of time thinking about the topic of leadership. “To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to have that sense of being a polymath,” she said. “You have to take accountability and responsibility in areas where you aren’t necessarily an expert.” She has come to understand that many of the skills that have made her successful as a wealth manager are distinct from those that make a successful leader. Some experiences carry over – we are more than our CVs, after all. Other experiences, taken at face value, risk limiting perspective. With this understanding, she has approached her own role within the practice with the same diligence and discipline as she applies to managing her clients’ wealth. First, …

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Budget Newsletter March 2023

Our Spring Budget Newsletter breaks down the Chancellor’s Spring Budget, outlining what it means for our Wealth Managers and their clients and helping them to plan for the new tax year – which is almost upon us.   DOWNLOAD PDF

Will Spring see the end of the Fed’s tightening cycle?

  Fed eases pace of rate hikes with 25 basis point move   Job cuts broadening to industries beyond tech   Full effects of tightening yet to be felt   Punxsutawney Phil – the world’s most famous groundhog – saw his shadow. So, for those of us braving colder temperatures, if tradition holds true, we may have six more weeks of winter to go. Fortunately, historic weather data doesn’t give this furry forecaster much predictive power. But if there is one thing investors can count on over the next six weeks, it is that the Fed will be underground assessing the economic outlook ahead of the critical March Federal Open Market Committee meeting (March 21-22). Chair Powell was clear at this week’s press conference that the Fed is not ready for rate hikes to go into hibernation, but the upcoming …

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Six Characters in Search of an Author

By Jeremy Batstone-Carr, European Strategist, Raymond James UK   Just as the playwright Luigi Pirandello asked his audience to participate in an immersive experience in his theatrical masterpiece, so we too participate in an equally immersive way in the great drama unfolding in the financial markets. Ours is a performance not being played out on a stage, but about us and in the round, and one in which we are all profoundly engaged. The curtain has risen on 2023 and the action has been explosive from the very start. No slow build this year; from the off, stocks and bonds have seemingly cast the worries of 2022 to one side. The action is enthralling and the plot lines complex. How might 2023 play out? Who, or what, will prove the most compelling actors? Despite the revival, no clear themes are as …

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Leave a legacy that goes beyond money

Share something of significance and pass on so much more than money Everyone leaves behind a unique legacy. For some, it’s meaningful to pass down something tangible – an item or heirloom. For other people, contributing to a cause that’s close to their heart is what matters most. Regardless of your priorities, sharing your life’s passions with your loved ones is one of the finest ways to create a legacy that lives on. With a little bit of thought and planning, you can embed your life’s passions and interests into a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come. Igniting that spark of connection Our lives are complex and multi-layered. Connect the dots with those you cherish by sharing the many aspects that make up you – your professional life, creative side, volunteering, values, and family history. Passing on a …

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